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About Paris EverGreen Medical Group

The Paris EverGreen Medical Group is one of the largest medical cosmetics clinic chains in Taiwan, and the only company in the country that vertically integrates both its cosmetic products and services. We have a stellar product distribution record, an established medical cosmetics brand, and clinics that offer top-of-the-line services.

The Paris EverGreen Medical Group consists of 5 clinics, 1 hospital division, and subsidiaries dedicated to medical product marketing and distribution. With our team of professional physicians and a group of loyal cosmetics customers, we are able to leverage product marketing, onboarding/user training, and direct customer feedback. We thus achieve remarkable sales numbers for all the products we distribute, such as 100,000 units of PRP kits per year. In Taiwan, 1out of every 3 PRP patients uses our PRP products, a testament to our exceptional achievements in distributing medical cosmetics products as well as nutritional supplements.

We started in 2004 as a humble medical clinic chain focusing on medical cosmetics and later grew into one of the largest medical cosmetics clinic chains throughoutAsia.

In 2012, we began selling medical cosmetics care products under the brand Dr.Paris. With our team of physicians, we were able to gain a deep understanding of consumer habits.  We began building an optimized distribution system informed by customer feedback.

Beginning in 2012, we started accumulating considerable experience in marketing and distribution and establishedacustomer feedback system that we take great pride in. Our after-sales service system helps build trust for customers, while our feedback system helps suppliers learn about our customers. We use the above methods to improve the methods of use, treatment processes, and the formulas of our products, creating a win-win situation for us, suppliers, and consumers.
Also in 2012, we made our foray into regenerative medicine.

In 2015, we had a key breakthrough in PRP treatment technologies. As of 2020, Dr.Paris Chain Clinics havecumulatively treated 300,000 patients, a worldrecord for number of cases treated at any provider, firmly securing our position as the largest PRP treatment center in Asia.

Due to rapid growth in our business, we decided to establish two subsidiaries in 2015:
Hui-Feng Medical Co., Ltd. is in charge of distributing medical equipment; Hui-Pu Medical Co., Ltd is in charge of distributing care products and nutrient supplements.

In 2017, we further diversified our operations. Thanks to profit contributions from the success of our medical equipment and as a way of fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, we set up a clinic in the mountain regions of Taiwan to provide free medical access to residents in remote areas. We also established an education fund for indigenous children to attend school. 

We have garnered recognition and distinction in promoting innovative products, often exceeding expectations in our sales performances. As medical professionals ourselves, we are also able to provide practical clinical feedback to our upstream partners.

The Paris EverGreen Medical Group has multiple divisions and subsidiaries. In addition to our cosmetics clinic chain, which has become the most representative cosmetics clinic chain in Asia, the group also handles care product and medical equipment distribution, original design manufacturing (ODM), and nutritional supplement sales. Our ODM PRP kits have the highest concentration among similar products in the world. In summary, we are one of the very few medical groups in Asia that possess a major medical cosmetics clinic chain, a patent in regenerative medical technologies, and a business in medical equipment sales.

Our secret to success lies in our clinical feedback system with practicing doctors,which we take great pride in and that which has been made possible due to having a physician for a founder and a professor at a major medical center as our principal co-owner. Our keen insight into innovative medical products ensures that we provide the best feedback possible from a user’s perspective. Similarly, our medical precision and business acumen make us the best distribution partner for innovative product companies.